Symptoms: #SMH

Daily Prompt: Symptoms

What’s next? Now that this very technology driven age given birth to this new nation and now we see the rise of the. I quote:   Symptoms of the modern age via @wordpressdotcom  constant adjustments on the young and even younger minds keep them inundated with so much information, which may not be the best thing. What happens? When it is all taken away just the other day I was talking to a young lady in crisis because she was told that her very “Unlimited” cell phone service only verify a certain number of conference calls a month. The funny thing about this is that this young lady has been using this same service for over one year getting conference calls every day, and now she can no longer entertain conference calls on her very “Unlimited” cell phone service.  This young lady is very intelligent and read her contract beforehand. So if you have limits on your very “unlimited” cell phone service. What is the difference between “Unlimited”? and “Limited”? cell phone service. Recently, I heard that some cell phone services are in conflict about the amount of group text messaging. Sounds like the beginning of a cell phone price war is about to begin, and the outcome cost will be passed on to us the quiet consumers. The perpetual conflict among the Congolese people of Africa where many are dying every day over natural resources between rebel and government forces to provide the common material and/or minerals used in cell phones and laptops are the real conflicting tragedies…#SMH






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