My life changed when I discovered my roots. A whole new world was opened to me and I will never let anyone pull the rug from under my feet because of it. My Master Thesis is what lead me to dig my feet in really deep to do the two years of extensive research to uncover this undiscovered, understudied, and undeveloped history of my family. The Canary Archipelago Islanders of African Descent sharecroppers on the Camerun and later became the St. Claire Plantation in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana my great grandparents and grandparents suffered the cruelty of slavery in the South.  Before enslavement Kings, Queens, Chiefdom of Empires and Dynasties traveled  on the Trade winds of the Transatlantic selling goods and services through various forms of communications, which clearly measures a level of human intelligence that is not documented in the history books.  Can you imagine what happens to the Psyche of a King who is handed rags to wear in luie of beautiful African regalia? Can you imagine what happen to the rest of the culture seeing his/her Kings being treated less than a King?  DNA sampling will prove that my family are Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea Africans.  My grandmother’s mom was from Central South African from  the Sangoma Culture speak with a distinct clucking sound in the back of the throat.  The man who fathered my grandmother was Italian. So my grandmother physical appearance was Italian but spoke with that distinct cluck sound of her mother in the back of her throat with all of this being said I urge anyone to research you Roots… The jouney is worth the effort

“The Black Islanos” on @LinkedIn


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