Chuckle is one thing but I have appropriate laughter which is something really difficult. A good chuckle is just as good as a good cry. I am not that person when I laugh it is from the gut. I can recall it like it was just yesterday when I was riding on the public transit bus with a friend and we were just chit chatting’ when all of a sudden, I looked over to her way and I did not see her anymore. Well when I looked on the floor besides me at my feet there she was she had fallen with one of the many jerks felt on the bus when standing up. I just started laughing so hard that I felt like I was going to pass out. I know it is true that when you age you begin to mellow out.”…In my case that mellowing did not come one minute too soon…” ¬†Exercise your Chuckle Muscle via @FaithUnlocked


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