I don’t know about you but if I went out for dinner to a fancy restaurant and I found this in my salad I would unravel with the quickness.  As I mature into my silver sexy self unravel is not such a bad thing. Looking back at past mistakes and seeing how it could have been different is the grown up thing to do. I read a really interesting post from discoveringsooz with a quote that went something like this “…How a person does anything is how they do everything…” .  Also, I thought about that quote from the late poet Maya Angelou “…When a person show themselves to you believe them…” .  A leopard don’t change his spots not for you me or the gate post.  So no need to unravel in the future as much as in the younger years.  I don’t excuse funky behaviors, or slick sly remarks “…The truth comes out in a joke…”. So beware of the dreaded “…I was just joking shenanigans …”.  Or the “…I was just playing…”.  All jokes aside unraveling is hard on the blood pressure, brain, the heart might  have to take Beta Blockers for that one. So I’ll just take a chill pill, smell the warm valdez,  and embrace the golden years which I already know is going to be greater than my formal years.


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