Tenacious Challenge

Social Media Networking Event

It took tenacity and a challenge to join the social media ranks. First I joined Linkedin, that was relatively easy, then it was Instagram that was painless, next Facebook it was most beneficial or so I thought it became stale very quickly to me, but it served one wonderful purpose successfully connecting me to my family for memorable Kwanzaa celebrations. Otherwise, it is just too young for me. Twitter is a beast for me I cannot get enough of it. It all happened a couple of years ago in North Carolina at a graduation for my niece. My baby sister had invited me to celebrate this joyous occasion. Sitting in the hotel room with my baby sister, and her bestie the two of them challenged me to get on Twitter all I knew about Twitter up to this point was what exciting things @Oprah had to say…for the life I could not understand why I was so afraid of joining the Tweeps on Twitter. I am so happy that I was tenacious enough to take them up on that challenge to join Twitter. It is therapeutic in some strange sense, and feel empowered everytime I use it…




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