I know that eating this muffin that I am going to gain unwanted pounds around my middle area, and my blood sugar is going to spike.  I know that if I just take a bite of this muffin I will be tempted to go back to get another bite, but when old man denial rear his ugly head to convince me that eating that muffin is “…No Big deal it is just one little muffin…” .  I will spiral down like a ton of bricks not just eating the muffin but enjoying it enough to eat another later.  I quote:  Al Pacino Scarface “…Say Hello to my little friend…”  Big bite yummmmmm.  I quote:  Fat Bastard “… Get in my belly…!”  We all know the danger of eating too much sugar puts us at risk for heart disease… Oh!  I can’t forget the damage to our dental hygiene the dreaded tooth decay cavities’ from stuffing empty calories into our bodies. Eating too much sugar can deter us from tricking our brains to eat healthier. So the next time denial rear its ugly head think about what little friend Al Pacino was talking about!!!…Has anyone but me noticed that since the obesity epidemic that the medical profession created a whole new branch called Bariatrics . Not to mention the “TLC” reality television shows  such as: “My 600 lb life”, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” and the newest one is  “Skin Tight”. I watch these television shows every week, watching these reality shows put me on notice about the importance of being responsible with health matters. Especially, if it is a genetic problem working harder to combat the obesity gene is twice a challenging, but not impossible. Like my late mamma always said, “…In moderation..”


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