via Daily Prompt: Champion

I consider anyone that advocate on behalf of someone else is a Champion.  People that truly love you have your back not just to promote self, but to see so deeply into you to know that something is so important that they are willing to take up your cause and fight to the bitter end to make sure that you are made whole.  I see all of my long term friends as champions because the connection has been there for so long, and no matter if we are blown to the four corners of the earth that connection is still there loving me even when I am not loving myself.  According to, the Bible 1 Samuel 17:4 “…Then a champion came out from the armies of the Philistines named Goliath, from Gath, whole height was six cubits and a span…”.  My Goliath was my late grandfather a Champion in his own right he could do no wrong in my eyesight.  Even when I first noticed that he was going blind. Back then, very little was understood in the medical profession about Cataracts and glaucoma clouding the lens of the eye.  I use to take him to the eye, ear, nose and throat clinic the doctor would drop a few drops in both his eyes possibly dilate his pupils and send him on his marry way.  My Goliath grandfather would always treat me to one dollar worth of mix and match candy from the Woolworth’s store.  One day, just like any other my grandfather gave the cashier a ten dollar bill; Instead of a one dollar bill and two pennies for taxes and he just walked away leaving his nine dollars change. I knew something was wrong because he was a brilliant man very smart with money matters.  When I called it to his attention I could really see the cloud forming over the lens of his eyes that day in a way that I had never seen before.  As we walked to the bus stop I was really quite because I was trying to hold back the silent tears. I could feel my heart pounding in my frail chest because I was hurting so much just knowing that my Goliath  a Pastor of his church  was not the same man that taught me how to read the Bible at a very young age. I knew that I would miss him wearing his long black robe, and taking church members down to the river to be baptized.  I miss my “Grandpa” my Champion…


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