How it feels to be on the brink of a life passage, from youth to middle age to death. This so explain the point I am at in this time of my life. On a cusp interest in end-of-life decision making processes being that I am a “Baby Boomer”.  Some would call it downsizing, just part being sixty if you don’t already have it  well it is high time that you “Get Your Happy Back” It is all a part of being too young to old, and too old to be young. Remember when you were seven years old and coloring inside the line was hard, but you still tried anyway? It is those moments that shape our happiest and saddest times. Happiness just kicks you in the guts, sadness  just walks right in and take a seat uninvited. Looking back on the past I do not want to become impatient with the here and now. I want to find my nirvana by embracing tender moments that I find in nature.  Citrus Parabus means “All Things being equal “.  Never stop dreaming…

One Haikucather

A window slam shut;

Scent of lavender flowers;

A Squirrel bush his tail:




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