Pretty in Purple

via Daily Prompt: Purple

Pretty in Purple

Purple is a really pretty color, but I am interested in what it represent royalty.

I can recall having a friend that just love the color Purple not the movie but the color. I quote: “…Purple rules…” was what this person would always say. So one day when I was asked by this person what is my favorite color my response, “…Plaid…” I just think that it is silly for a person to corner themselves like that with so much beauty in the world.  The way that I see it if Purple is your favorite color what happens when you suddenly wake up one morning and you no longer like Purple, and Green is now the new favorite. What do you do be a phony and keep wearing the purple? Knowing that deep down inside you love green? This is a lesson that a lot of people should get when something has changed just admit it be true to yourself above all else. Stop running game… I want to know what color would you color Peace?!?! When we do not except change it is like walking forward while your feet are turned backward.






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