Dear Mom,

An open letter to my deceased Mom…

Dear Mom,

I wish I had the courage to say these things before you left me. I never met to cause you any pain. I understand so much more now. I wished that I had listen to you more you were so intuitive.  The earlier years were a little rocky many peaks and valleys, but I could always see that look of determination in your eyes. I know why you had to make some of the decisions it was to make my life better.  I remember when we use to have our school May day dance and we would keep you outside in the sun all day, and you would get so sun burned that I could not touch your skin for days, but nothing was going to stop you from watching your baby girl on stage weather it was a “Square Dance” or ” Waltz” .  All I could see was that big smile on your face above all else. I wish that I could touch your sunburned skin, or see that smile just one more time.  Mom I miss you! You always loved me even when I did not love myself. 


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