Acceptance: Not always a easy thing

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance Acception post give a lot of insight on this topic. I truly enjoyed this post.

Life can have so many twist and turns, and acceptance can become complicated.  Just making the decision of who you would like to spend the rest of your life with can come with challenges. So many broken people in this world just makes it even harder to make the right decisions. Some people stay in really disturbing situations because they cannot accept that they made a mistake.  All too often we wonder how did we get to this point at age 20? 30? 40?50? 60? etc…  At age 20 we have time to correct many mistakes, At 30 we still have time to correct our mistakes many will live 30 multiplied by 2 to be 60 years old. But once we reach our 40’s things begin to change time begin to run out for making poor decisions.  In the 50’s half  a century this means that their is even less time to correct those mistakes. Now with 60’s in your face you have more years behind you than left in front of you. By now you should have learned from your past mistakes, and readily gained acceptance for the consequences that came with those past mistakes. So that, we can enter into the hall of Peace, love and understanding. As for myself at age 61 I  am going to love people that love me first. It is so much easier, and far less complicated. Simply stated: “…Some People will never love you no matter what you do…” That is one of the greatest acceptance…


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