Weaving the Threads


I am not certain about luck. I believe more in blessings. I recently became interested in the art of Haiku getting good at it is another story. I know that I have to work really hard at it and with any luck and/or blessing: I will master the art of Haiku… […]

via LUCK and/or Blessing — Lavns’s Blog


Weaving the Threads of life can take so many twist and turns.  It is like looking into the faces of people being told for the first time that they are going to be laid off from their jobs. Or, a young women realizing that she might be with child an unplanned pregnancy. Or, a mammogram x-ray with malignant results.  Or, a baby dies from SIDS. The list can go on and on and one day we look around only to find out that we have somehow mastered the art of Weaving the Threads of life…



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