What is your measure of Massive?

via Daily Prompt: Massive

Walking into Traffic https://fluffypool.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/walking-into-traffic/ via @wordpressdotcom.Today starts out just like any other day.  I baked cinnamon rolls this morning watched a little Dr. Phil show about sabotage which was interesting for all about 3 minutes. Looking in the mirror I like what I see. So it is time to leave home to drive to my work office where I input data only 3 minutes away from my home. As I was riding down the street I could see out of my peripheral vision a young boy about nine years old wearing a bright sunshine yellow sweat shirt with both of his hands gripping the right and left side of his face. I knew something was happening and just like that a tiny tea cup size golden colored poodle darts towards my vehicle. My first instinct was to hit the brakes really hard when I noticed the puppy was running blind into my car because his head was turned the opposite way. Instead I just kept my cool the puppy was safe, the little boy had a smile on his face, and I was relieved. However, that could have been massive on that day if I had lost my composure and/or common sense. The key question is: What is your measure of Massive?


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