Few of my FAVRAV and not-so FAVRAV

https://plus.google.com/113748065844970993705/posts/i8rp4NmYghN. In researching on a hair care in product for curly kinky hair. I have grown to another level in loving my own hair . I even found a new way of drinking more water through the infusion process, which is one of the things that I would like to incorporate in my hair care product. Being over 60 comes with it’s own challenges with both skin and hair. So i am taking matters into my own hands learning more and more about our hair and skin in the process. https://plus.google.com/101547766045901134941/posts/24BNRxasB5W   and this https://plus.google.com/101547766045901134941/posts/YYQmveArfAs  If you have any suggestion feel free to leave them… https://plus.google.com/108375059421168335458/posts/iCbzsy7ku6y “Toronto woman on quest to debunk notion that African hair is ghetto” https://plus.google.com/116243123405905820878/posts/AUSVcdDg8ik


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