The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

The power of touch is like magic yesterday for the first time I enjoyed a passion fruit and wheatgerm drink.  It was so sweet and refreshing the two together brought some really interesting memories of my childhood. It was a childhood memory whenever the family was on an outing me the baby of the family always fell into a mock slumber of a rem sleep state just enough to be cognitive of what was going on. The ride home was always the best half asleep my mommy would have to carry me. I so enjoyed that when mommy would lift me up and let me lye my head on her shoulder. It was the best bonding experience ever a great time between mommy and daughter. I could feel the pulse movement on the side of her neck beating beating… steadily across the top of my forehead, and I could sense a rhythmic pounding of her heartbeat in her chest against my own frail chest. Every now and then I would consciously allow my old factory to catch the smell of her freshness of breath, and hear her deep inhales and exhales. It was great that my mommy would carry me like that in that moment everything was right with the world, and for some odd reason the taste of passion fruit mixed with wheat grass triggered a memory that even I do not understand. I just knew it was an out of body experience I thought was gone, but that memory decided to revisit me and I was willing to let it The Power of Touch @B4Peace  The Power of Touch


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