The Great Pretender

Where can I start? I think that it is some kind of trending because so many people are not what? or who? they are just keep creating illusions. I drive the best car yeah boy! I live in the best house yeah boy!. I have the top paying job yeah boy! the list can go on and on when all the while they are just as poor broke, and busted like the next person. So this is why their is so many people running to  catch up with the middle class. Meanwhile some have mastered the art form of pretending.  Historically speaking, we once referred to pretenders as liars, but one thing I must give them is that they can project some interesting illusions and are willing to hold onto it until they are found out. Some know what?they are doing and when? they are being great pretenders. Others, don’t even realize that they are doing it because they believe their own hype. Looking at them when they are telling these wild stories from their own imaginations is amazing. For instance,  we must remember that mental illness is real. So when I look at Hoarding Buried Alive TLC television show  the families begin holding on to anything and everything just because they threw away the one thing that really mattered their own life. Sometimes I watch that show just to see that the families are oblivious to what has transpired in their lives over a period of time. Much to my surprise some of the families are highly functional go to work each and every day are married and just living in a way that is unsafe to humans. I always wait to see the entire outcome and usually the people are willing to remain in a clean environment. However, I really do not believe that is the truth just the vapors of truth these families have fallen off into the land of La La and do not have a clue of when? or how? it got that way. Denial is a terrible thing and it keeps people in dark strange place.  Retracing My steps and it still hurts  The song by the Platters  1956 “The Great Pretender“.



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