One More Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One More Time.” 

One More time

I wish I had one more time to be a good daughter to my daddy. I was rude and mean too many times because I thought that it was okay to do so. It thought it was okay to say and do hurtful things just because in my child’s mind I thought that it was my way of punishing another individual. Whatever; the reason that my parents were not able to live peacefully under the same roof just was not my business. Children should stay in their place it is never a good thing when a child feel grown enough to say what it is she or he feel to adults. Especially if that parent is doing the best that he or she could do with what he or she has to work with. Sometime those mean and appropriate behaviors can come back to bit you in the butt. Citrus Parabus, a healthy family is a beautiful thing all things equal. However equal sometimes evil does exist even in the nucleus family. Everything has its place and that holds true for everyone in the family unit. I really get that some children are put into some very dangerous positions and have to stand up for themselves in order to save his or her life. But that is if it is presumed, perceived, and assumed that a child is not trying to get attention by acting out. My dad had his own demons to deal with and I was not hearing it. The clock keep ticking and as I mature I know that it was being selfish and self-centered, and not being considerate of what my daddy’s issue were. Newsflash! Parents are human flesh and blood and they make mistakes, too. So if I had one more time with my daddy I would say, “…Daddy I am sorry…” I know now more than ever I still remember the day that I stood at his deathbed it was to late. I wish I had one more time to be a good daughter to my daddy.
Dear Daddy,

I love you and I am sorry for all the wrong that I have done. I hope you forgave me. Put a few good words in for me…


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