Secret Admirer

A secret admirer is a thing of the past but today it is just creepy. Stalking is the new buzz word for secret admirer. Too many telephone calls are a direct indicator that something is going really wrong, Too many drive by is another indicator that something is twisted. The internal panic button should get pressed early whenever any of these activities begin to take a life of its own. Creepy is just another way of saying that I am in trouble. Back in the days, when innocence was just that innocent child’s play we all looked forward to the famous novelty day called “Valentine Day” when you would leave your classroom desk a cute card with some candy would mysteriously be left on your desk. The fun was trying to get someone to admit that they did it put that sweet card and candy treat on the desk. Although it was times that a person gave me candy and I did not really like them very much. I still said, “Thank You”,I is how I was raised.  Citrus Parabus call things being equal it was just a fun day and not anything could really go wrong on Valentine’s Day. Well the next day was just that we all went back to school as normal. With today’s technology cyber and cell phones makes it easier for someone to really take that secret admirer thing to the next level with the quickness. I remember working in Corporate America and I had a secret admirer that soon made him-self comfortable with making me uncomfortable. As usual it started out innocent I owned a black Ford Escort with red interior was really proud of that car. Working in the Central Business District I had to pay parking every day. Every day I would walk to my vehicle alone and I would see out of my peripheral vision a shiny red car riding really slow besides me as I walked to my car. The truth is he drove a red Ford Escort with black interior  the opposite colors of my Ford Escort. Then, as days passed the creepiness progress because as he would ride slowly besides me in the broad daylight he would keep repeating his stupid name. I had already taken the matter into my own hand by calling the police which was a moot point because I heard it once then I heard it twice, “…We cannot do anything to him until he put his hands on you…” I threw up in the back of my throat as fear gripped both of my shoulders.  But that was all about to change.the day that he made the fatal mistake and called me girlfriend and asked me to repeat his name. It was a matter of time that he was going to flash me. On that day I used a few choice cuss words and told him to get away from me and never as long as his ass hole point to the ground don’t ever speak to me again. Besides, I told him that, I knew the chief of police that was not true but he did not know that. In hindsight I had to dig really deep to come up with that one. I guess it worked because I found myself starting to keep the secret of shame that this person was violating me because he was my “Secret Admirer”/tormentor I did not even tell my coworkers that was happening to me or my husband because I just knew that someone was going to feel like I was making that happen to me, which was so far from the truth. So if flowers just showed up for me on my porch or anywhere I do not take that as a compliment the fact still remains that the person who feel a need to hide is a big red flag for me and is probably “…Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs…” Downright dangerous? Total and complete narcissist?, or already married to someone else?. The way that I see it the movie starring Glen Close “Fatal Attraction” stay in my memory those beautiful flower arrangements from a secret admirer can ultimately turn into a pet bunny rabbit boiled in a pot hot water on the top stove.

If you have a secret admirer story let me hear from you what happened? Where? When? If, it turned out great I would like to hear that too leave a comment in the comment box let me know how do you feel about this post? I will read all of the comment and will reply as I am able.


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