An Odd Trio

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

A fish, a bowl of cereal and milk, and a lamp

Just the other day I notice my fish was gone. I look high and low for the fish that ate raw shrimp,  ham bits some said it was a Carp others just looked at the big monster in the fish tank at our home. It was a gift about one year ago and it just never stopped eating and growing. Now, we know that the person who gifted that big monster to us really did not like us much because they did not want that fish growing and eating up everything in their fish tank. So the family just managed to ignore the size of that fish. It was beginning to look more and more prehistoric something caught in a time zone. Something from Charles Darwin theory of “evolution” and “survival of the fittest”. I can assure you that big boy would win every time. So the day that he went missing was really confusing. In the past the big “Bozak” was his name would jump out of the fish tank flounder around on the floor for awhile talk about a real fish out of water story was a norm in the household. My first thought was maybe he grew a pair I met (LEGS) called Uber to get away fast. All jokes aside Bozak was missing tuned on the living room lamp and there Bozak was lying next to a bowl of cereal and milk that was sitting on a television stand picked him up and gave him a proper burial in the back yard. It was a sad day just knowing that we would never see that puckering fish mouth of his or his bloop bloop bloop water bubbles. Poor fish had outgrown that tank just like we outgrown things in life and just knowing when to leave ”…Just can’t keep a good man down…” is the moral of this fun story  Bozak was not all that good and even he knew when “…A good run is better than a hard stand…” to leave how about you?

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in your life? Relationships? Job? When did you first notice that you outgrew your fish bowl? If you are thirty years old you should not still be living home with your parents, unless it is a cultural, religious, or something else out of your control. Leave a comment in the box below I promise I will respond as I am able.


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