“No Apologies”

“No Apologies”

I am retracing my footsteps to see if it still hurts. It’s been a while since I last took inventory, and I am just not all that upset with my past performances and stories, I did not know where the journey would go. I just went for it can’t grow until you stretch and I have had my share of stretching like a big rubber band. Maybe I did not know what I was doing or even where I was going at times I was under so much pressure to make it all fit. It was hard to stand steady, just knew I had to stay ready for what was next around the corner down the long dark hall so I would not slip and fall. Sometimes I did not look to my left or to my right I was just trying to keep it tight. Saw someone just the other day did not remember the name oh! What a shame. What is all the fuss about no need to pout just was young in the early days tyying to figure it all out? Mistakes, slip- ups, burps, bleeps, and bounders; all a part of my own personal trilogies so; I am okay with my fragility. Not making excuses, alibis quickly turns into total lies. No random apologies from me.


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