Six of one, Half a Dozen of the other

Quest for life and self expression – My memoir in six words.

The perpetual journey began the day that I was born. The Virgo that I am “finisher” is in and of my nature. Whatever I begin I feel compelled to finish never mind what anyone else thinks. My measure of finish is just that, and it may not be another persons measure of finish but that is what makes us all different Right?!. I would not consider myself competitive that is one of my least worries. Competitive people seem like the only thing that matters is looking for the next competition like hamsters on the hamster wheel. In my six word memoir I can only hope that I continue with an inordinate amount of  zeal. According to the United States Declaration of Independence. “…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”.  A right given to all human beings by our Creator, and for which governments are created to protect.  So what is really going on? I want to know what is going on. Too many lives are being cut short.”…We need to put public safety above politics…” Not to mention some souls are aborted. “…Come on baby let me put a baby in you then we can think about how we are going to take care of it later…”  Wrong! Which is why we need planned parenthood.  Meanwhile I will just keep blogging it just feels right.

What are your six of one memoir? I am still writing my half a dozen of the other. Are you still writing your half a dozen of the other?  What’s on your mind?

To Be continued…


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