360 Degrees: Environmentalist artist

In 2012 when I evacuated from New Orleans, Louisiana for hurricane Isaac. I had only one mission in mind to get to high land ASAP. So I decided on weathering out the storm at my oldest sister farm house somewhere in Mississippi. Well, it was a great choice because the weather just was not that bad just the usual rain and wind. Two days into the wait my sister much more into the arts than myself had everything that you could imagine in her art studio. We played with a little of this and a little of that, but something else piqued my interest a plastic water bottle. I began to look at plastic in a different way because of my oldest sister job in government dealing with things related to landfills.  I guess it was my reason for the visit. I thought a lot about the landfill. Did you know that plastic can sit in the landfill for 500 years?   Before that trip I never thought about any of that stuff that was for others to concern themselves with. On that day I became an environmentalist artist who recycle, reuse, and repurpose plastic water bottles as a teachable moment to change the course of solid waste management. I sculpture and upcycle plastic water bottles into wearable fashion accessories cuff bracelet, earrings, and choker necklace. I curate and sell in the New Orleans French Market, and exhibits to raise awareness to the plight of the wpid-bog2_lwcaaatgi71.jpg

homeless veterans. Call to action How creative are you? What are you doing to save the planet? We can all do our part for the next generation.

To be continued…


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