Open Letter to Whomever it may concern

To me, the most critical thing is knowing the numbers. According to the @Washington Post “…Americans think crime is on the rise, aren’t so worried about being the victims of crime…” Once we digest that we can truly begin #aimingforchange. Recently I watched @60Minutes  @LeslieStahl “…Is the U.S. ready for smart guns?…”  Is that the answer I really would not know but what I do know is that as the British would say, “Slot” meaning kill/shoot, and I quote: @lavns Blog  “To Slot? or Not to Slot?” has been an ongoing controversy for too long. Therefore, I take my hat off to actress/comedian @amyschumer  and her cousin Senator Schumer of New York “Call for vote on gun legislation” platform after the tragic shooting during a screening of the movie @Trainwreck in Lafayette, @Louisiana. I can assure you that those were some very big stinky shoes to step into.  In 2014 I received a signed and sealed letter from @POTUS for my suggestion of stricter gun laws. It is a uphill battle and  President Barack Obama hear us, and feel our pains. “Citrus Parabus- All Things being equal”.  On one hand, America have to acknowledge that we have evil among us, and they do what it is that they do fall off into mischief. On the other hand, America have to acknowledge that we have really good law abiding, tax paying citizens among us too that are entitled to protect themselves in these perilous times. The honest truth is you cannot have children throw them into the ground like corn let them grow up without guidance or direction and expect them to be okay. It is wrong on so many levels that we have children and just hope that they make it in life, “…Our children are suppose to make it!!!…”

Call To Action: So how do we find that fine line between the two? How do we fix this? I want to know what color would you color PEACE!!!…case in point!

To Be continued



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