Million-Dollar Question: Why do I blog?!?!

Lavns's Blog

What is really the million-dollar question? Why do I blog?

I blog because it is the only way to UN- trap, and put a voice to my stories.  I blog to make sense of the senseless. I blog to stand up straight in deep waters, and not float up to the top to tread shallow waters. I blog to ice my swollen, bruised and blackened eyes. I blog to remove the caste from my broken arm. I blog to relieve the perpetual pain of my Achilles heal. I blog to put my foot on the neck of depression. I blog to erase the tracks of my tears. I blog because it numb my fears. I blog because it is the million-dollar answer when living with pain while the rest of the world scream Joy!

Call to Action: Why are you reading this blog? What is your million-dollar answer? Are you…

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