Living with Pain while the rest of the world screams Joy!

With the holidays rapidly approaching; I thought that focusing on a series of what is like living in a world where everyone is just not that happy during the holidays would be a necessary platform. Contrary to popular beliefs, some people suffer with the excruciating pains associated with loneliness during the holidays. Loneliness is complex because most people are not able to explain how they ended up in the predicament in the first place. For instance, I knew some friends in a long term marriage forty years to be exact and one morning his wife woke up and told him.”…I don’t like you…” and just like that the marriage ended. Poor gun was not prepared so he did not see that coming and he has been punched drunk every since.  However, the clock kept ticking and life goes on. The truth about all of this is she did not have to give him a reason just saying what she said when she said it was enough. On that day he took a punch in the gut and quickly learned what it was like to walk forward while his feet are turned backwards. I can assure you he is not looking forward to spending another “Happy Thanksgiving”, but  he  soon found out that their were some slim picking in the dating world. Maybe this year moving forward he might  learn to press the “Delete” button for forgiveness.

Call to Action What do you think about Loneliness ?!?! I want to know!?!?     


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